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Michigan Coach John Harbaugh said publicly that he’s not leaving the school. According to people with knowledge of his thinking, we should take him at his word. Urban Meyer’s decision to retire as the Ohio State head coach opened the … Tiếp tục

Michigan Coach John Harbaugh said publicly that he’s not leaving the school. According to people with knowledge of his thinking, we should take him at his word. Urban Meyer’s decision to retire as the Ohio State head coach opened the door for Harbaugh to end his personal four game losing streak against the Buckeyes.

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2. Yeldon, RB, Jaguars It wasn’t so much a surprise that Jacksonville drafted the Alabama product, it was where: early in the second round, with the 36th overall pick. That high of a selection indicates the Jags will make it a priority to give Yeldon carries, with Denard Robinson as a change of pace back and Toby Gerhart hopefully not vulturing too many TDs.

If you were looking for offense in the early session, you didn’t find it in snowy Chicago. Neither the Bears’ Matt Barkley, nor the San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick completed a single pass in the first quarter. The 49ers attempted just two throws the entire first half, finishing the first 30 minutes with minus 14 yards of passing offense when including sacks.

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